Mindset 132

by C.L. Harmon
Perhaps the greatest tragedy of all is that we forget to live and learn only to survive. Perhaps it is what we steal from ourselves that is the gravest crime perpetrated against humanity.
We feel love and yet allow stresses and time restraints to keep us from showing it. We see a need to help others but hope that someone else answers that call as we walk on by. We worry about the bad that might happen instead of relishing in the good that already has.
We make it day to day accepting what we’ve become as a way of life instead of accepting the belief that today could be the greatest day of all. We support the idea that surviviving a life in this world saves us when, in fact, it destroys the notion that life is a gift to be savored every single day.
Every dream we do not pursue, each person we do not get to know, all fears that we fail to conquer, any loves that we do not nurture and every idea that we fail to investigate is a contradiction to what it means to live life.
These are the reasons for life, why we can love, think, overcome and dream. They are not what should be set aside in order to make it to our tomorrows but what should be put first so we remember that within a lifetime is a today and that is the gift we need to give ourselves most.


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