Mindset 131

by C.L. Harmon
The people we are today are lessons in life about how to become better people tomorrow. What we are doing, how we are acting and what we are thinking this very moment all act as teachers for a better future.
We not only have the opportunity to learn from our mistakes but actually from everything in our daily lives. Life’s entire design is about growing in every aspect of existence. And in order to grow we must experience and learn.
A wrong that we perpetrate upon another, either intentionally or through the absence of consideration, is a lesson in the areas of weakness in which we need to strengthen. An act of generosity is a lesson in that what we give to others we also give to ourselves through the belief that others will give back to us.
In all that we do, the lesson is that we are growing and changing. The idea that we have knowledge does not make us complete but instead it gives us a new beginning to become someone new and better each day. If we were to know everything today, then tomorrow would surely be the end of the people we could become.


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