Mindset 130

by C.L. Harmon
We all have a voice. Not just a verbal one that we use to communicate, but one that we use to express ourselves in a way that defines us. That voice is with our actions and each one tells more than a lifetime of the spoken word.
A firm handshake or a loving embrace need no words to be understood. The action alone is enough to share a part of ourselves with another. We speak because it’s easy and quick and understood on a level that has grown to feel natural.
But there are times in life when words are only shallow vessels to those who need to hear a true voice. Those words used to comfort or console cannot always find their way into the heart where they are needed most and so the message that needs to be heard is silenced.
When we extend a hand, do a good deed, offer an embrace or just simply listen then all that needs to be conveyed is done in a dignified manner that needs no explanation by words.
There are so many ways in this world to connect with another that we should not spend our time deciding what to say next. Instead we should be learning what is the best way to be heard.


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