Mindset 99

by C.L. Harmon
If our actions were moments in time that could be frozen and experienced by others forever, what moments would we choose? Would our choices be ones of selflessness, understanding and honor or would they be ones of selfishness and deceit?
As we live we do absorb moments that we find have meaning to us; some even becoming defining moments in our lives. Everything about us can become part of someone else by interacting with people or simply witnessing their actions. In these moments we truly connect and become a part of each other forever.
In essence, pieces of our lives do become frozen moments in time for the people of the world to keep. Those moments– that first become permanent, still frames in our minds and then mesh into a part of us– coupled with that which our Creator has given us, become one in a way that is remarkable in design and undeniable in purpose.


One Response to “Mindset 99”

  1. Sheila Says:

    I would choose selflessness, understanding and honor.

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