Mindset 126

by C.L. Harmon
Through the destruction or belittling of anything or anyone we never truly find peace.  It never solves the problems in our lives without leaving a stain of guilt or a residue of remorse.
Peace of any kind, whether it be from war to inner self, is not just a result of a good action or the lack of a bad one, but more of an act of work. This we do to achieve a better understanding of the lives we lead and the ones we could lead when the turbulent times have passed.
Consider that the very words we speak can bring about death to another and yet other words can bring joy and pleasure to the very same people. In all that we do and communicate, we play a role in the peace that all of humankind feels.
It is within the very words we speak and the actions that follow, that we map the course of our lives and help direct the courses of others. Therein should lie the desire and the will to find peace for all. And as with all worthy desires, we must work to fulfill them so that we can feel the peace that makes us feel whole and right and simply at peace with the world.


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