Mindset 86

by C.L. Harmon
We are all dependent upon one another. Without others, we can’t become that which our potential allows us to be. It is through them that we see our faults and our strengths and with them that we learn how to correct or embrace them.
We do not fail or succeed without the input of others. It is with our hopes, in conjunction with their words, teachings and experience that we push forward, fall back or stand still. Alone we are only drops of random rain but with others we become a collective ocean.
It is more, however, than what we gain from their experience that makes us dependent. It is their simple presence that reassures us that we may fall alone but will always know there is a chance that one of many may come to pick us up. Because of them we not only have a wealth of knowledge available to help us grow but also the security that can only be found in those who understand that solidarity is a gift we give ourselves.


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