Mindset 3

by C.L Harmon
If we are to ever truly fathom our capabilities then we must first find ourselves worthy of excellence in our failures. We do not lose in every endeavor nor do we win in every challenge; if we did then neither would hold meaning in our lives. It is the meaning of a loss or victory that we carry away with us that determines if we are winners or losers in this life. Once we understand that failure is not all defining then we truly do understand that our capabilities are limitless.


2 Responses to “Mindset 3”

  1. Success as well as failure can be difficult to deal with. Success can lead to arrogance and oversight. Failure can bring depression and feelings of being insignificant. Learning from our success and failures keeps us on the right path. Ignoring them only makes life more difficult.

  2. clharmon Says:

    Thank you for your comment and for visiting my blog site. I hope you will continue to visit. I add new blogs once or twice a week.

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