Mindset 55

by C.L. Harmon
Life’s experiences and the paths that lead us to our destinations are not designed to be the same for everyone. The idea that we all come to enlightenment the same way implies that knowledge, wisdom, and faith only come through limited experiences in a world where the possibilities for everything imaginable seem endless.
It is the very concept that these ideals can be found in everything from a drop of rain to a catastrophic event that proves our vast environments and experiences can lead us all to the same places of understanding without ever seeing the world the way our counterparts do. There are countless explanations in any single action so it is not the action that determines the conclusion we eventually share but our perception of it, which simply becomes our connection to each other as travelers seeking a destination of understanding.


One Response to “Mindset 55”

  1. Everyday we are seeking a destination of understanding!
    One of my favs!

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