Mindset 114

by C.L. Harmon
Many of the most important decisions in our lives seem to be made by others. Often they are choices that we would not have made at all or at the very least not to such the degree as they were made. It’s perplexing but never the less absolute, that freewill does not give each of us total control of our lives.
The very idea that others’ ideas and choices impact our lives seems to suggest that each of us is a part of another and alone we are incomplete. With this, we seem to become whole as we join together and the more who converge, work to create a greater whole of humanity.
Our loved ones, friends and even enemies make choices in our lives as we do in theirs. Those choices may not define us or them as individuals, but they do become the very definition of the relationships with those whom we share this world.
Freewill does not free us, but instead binds us to one another in a way that makes us responsible for each other. And is it not that very responsibility that should remind us that we are all connected to each other in the hope that we can all one day choose as one?


2 Responses to “Mindset 114”

  1. Christina Says:

    Clinton, I really like this!

  2. That they may all be one……. Amen!

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