Mindset 117

by C.L. Harmon
We lack the ability to see ourselves the same way others see us. It is as though we can never get a full picture of ourselves without the input of others. Think of this in terms of needing each other to know ourselves.
Does this not seem to suggest that we are incomplete without the thoughts others have of us and the knowledge and opinions contained within those thoughts? It seems that the quest in life to truly know ourselves begins with what we see and ends in what we learn from what others see. Their input gives us insight into how we make them and others around us feel and react.
Without that knowledge, we are never absolutely aware of our own positive attributes, nor are we aware of the pain that we sometimes cause others through our actions and words.
Perhaps this design is to remind us that the more people we bring into our lives and the more lives we become a part of, the more we begin to know each other. And this is a must if we are to become a unified people of passion and peace.


2 Responses to “Mindset 117”

  1. Wow….makes you realize you can’t really make it in life on your own. In case you couldn’t tell, I absolutely love your mindsets. I’m so glad you are so willing to harness the gift God has given you. I can’t wait to see more!!!

  2. I’m enjoying your musings and can only add that if we could put ourselves in others’ places, in addition to listening and watching how others’ see us, we would truly be in a spiritual place. I’m glad to have found your blog. Great stuff!

    Barbara Landis

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