Mindset 51

by C.L. Harmon
 At times being ourselves can be the most difficult task in our lives. Because of prejudice, fear, lack of self confidence or a desire for acceptance, we often conceal what is on the inside creating a persona that is safer or one we believe others will find more intriguing than our true identities. We seek those qualities that we do not possess or simply have not yet developed in hopes of gaining acceptance from others
 What we accomplish though is not real acceptance because we have not accepted ourselves. As a result, we have only succeeded in mimicking those qualities we see in others and disguising those characteristics that make us different from every other person in the world. It is only through the discovery and then acceptance of ourselves that the world is given the opportunity to meet someone new, someone who is truly a unique individual.


One Response to “Mindset 51”

  1. This can be so true….It is so important to accept ourselves and love ourselves as HE loved us!!!!

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