Mindset 1 (written 3-4 years ago)

by C.L. Harmon
 It seems we spend a great amount of our lives picking up the pieces of broken dreams; hearts and hopes that sometimes belong to us and other times belong to those we care about. It is as though we are all pieces of a puzzle that long to connect with each other in an effort to be completed or whole. I can think of no other definition that explains the internal unity we feel towards others. Perhaps it is out of this need that qualities like compassion and kindness toward others are born and hopefully from these we can truly become a million pieces of the same picture.


One Response to “Mindset 1 (written 3-4 years ago)”

  1. Joe Ramsey Says:


    I read a lot of strong family ties in your writtings. I like the thought process and it’s a good way to start my day reading something provoking. I will see you on Easter. Keep it up.
    Joe Bob

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